19,000 guests visited the world premiere on both banks of the river Elbe in Dresden.

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - NZZ | „Overwhelming“seems to be written on the cover of this movie, which is definitely succeeding in it. You will find yourself almost a bit dizzy, when trying to find back to reality after watching this movie.

…definitely a powerful music film… / Particularly the cast is brought into picture by Neubert and Paalgard. They come close to the audience; even closer than in the legendary movie of Mozart’s “Zauberflöte” by Ingmar Bergmann. Throughout convincing is the German speaking cast of soloists, which was successfully put together by Jens Neubert. Extraordinary ensemble – a great cast from bottom to top.

Basler Zeitung – BAZ | A filmopera as Ingmar Bergmann’s „Zauberflöte“ and Joseph Losey’s „Don Giovanni“! … Outstanding orchestra and cast. Thrilling from A to Z.

Tagesanzeiger Zürich | Carl Maria von Weber’s romantic opera contributes with a feast for the ears – and the eyes! Bravi tutti!

Fonoforum 1 | Opera is old-fashioned? No way! Hunter’s Bride proves that the opera content qualifies for the cinematic interpretation on the big screen… The experiment “Opera for the cinema” does not often happen to be that good. Picture and sound are conforming to a great unity!

Deutschlandradio Kultur | An opera film is relieving the „Freischütz“ from the national muff.

Deutsche Bühne | This „Freischütz“ generates a stirring authenticity.

Die Opernwelt | All soloists are singing with a strong expression, lots of emotions and great intensity!

Die Welt am Sonntag | Great opera!

Art-TV | The new genre „filmopera“ is accomplished by filming the scenes at the original locations and having an excellent feeling for the match and timing of sound and picture; respectively with the vocals and the camera (Harald Gunnar Paalgard), which is adapted to the rhythm and moves with the music. This film certainly is a challenge for opera-fans, but it is a worthwhile experience that shows a new cinematic construction of sound and picture for the opera.

Weser-Kurier | Hunter’s Bride – a spectacular filmopera!

Züritipp | Carl Maria von Weber‘s romantic opera provides a feast for ears – and eyes.

Zentralschweiz am Sonntag | **** Top-class cast. The costumes and scenery are a feast for the eyes. | An excellent opera film with powerful voices.

Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich | Vocal power and musical brilliance - that’s Jens Neubert’s cinematic version of Carl Maria von Weber’s opera.

Neues Deutschland | An extraordinary movie.

Diner’s Club Magazin | An opulent filmopera. A feast for eyes and ears.

Neue Musik Zeitung NMZ | An epos, strong in its sound. Juliane Banse impressed not only by playing the role of Agathe with lots of emotions, but also with her vocal expressiveness. The cast – perfect in its vocalist performance – had to deal with the extraordinary situation of close-ups, which is not usual on the opera stage. Well-known names, such as Grundheber and Pape could rely on a homogenic interaction that seemed to be present throughout this giant project and from bottom to top.

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